Weekly Challenge 562: Pick Two, “Lead, Floppy, Argon, Purple, Brunch, Taffy, Worried, Venerable.”

Venerable Captain Spaulding of the Taffy industry woke up one day to realize he could not get any lead in his pencil.  Suffering from Floppy penis, aka, erectile dysfunction, off to the Urologist he went. “Good News!” the urologist exclaimed, “We have just invented a purple Argon therapy that will make Viagra obsolete!  All we have to do is shove a fluorescent tube up your urethra in what can only be described as a painful operation!”  Worried, Spaulding replied, “are there any side effects?”  “Only if you get an erection,” Doc retorted.  “OK, doc, I’m convinced.  One prescription for Viagra!”


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