Weekly Challenge 387 – Nanobots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Exclamations sold separately)

Fred, a medical nanobot, made the mistake of singing, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go,” as he made his way towards a large polyp located up Bob Iger’s colon. Fred was quickly besieged by a horde of Disney nanobots, thrusting cease and desist orders all over Fred’s tiny nanobot arms, while a Luke Skywalker nanobot fell out of Iger’s colon screaming, “Your KILLING the Star Wars Franchise!”  “Relax,” the lead nanobot stated in a computerized voice, “JJ Abrams is producing…”. while a JJ Abrams nanobot plummeted out of Iger’s colon screaming “I wouldn’t be so sure!”


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