Weekly Challenge 377: Anonymous

I understand the shock of the George Zimmerman verdict, despite the facts that clearly screamed innocence.  I have been a criminal defence attorney in the state of Florida for over 16 years, I’m quite used to the distortion of the actual facts created by our media.  Outside the courtroom, the “media,” or better yet, whoever owns the media, controls the message. I’m not saying we are lied to, I’m saying when we watch “the news,” it is a production, one where choices are made behind the scenes about what is stated, and who exactly gets to make those statements. When a producer permits a person on air to state an opinion contrary to the story the network owner wants broadcast, that producer is promptly fired, and the person making the statement, no longer appears on “Face The Nation,” or any other network. We, the people, simply are not privy to the controlling decisions made behind the camera of the news we trust to deliver actual facts. What goes on in front of the camera, is what I call “the noise.” The evidence presented and cross-examined in a trial, such as in the Zimmerman trial, I call “The Signal.” The signal in the Zimmerman case screamed “not guilty” despite the noise created by our media screaming “racism!” YouTube and other online technologies have become an equalizing force against FOX, CNN, and MSNBC, but only if you can hear the signal through the noise.  Of course, this message probably angers you, and your first instinct is to take your rage out on the attorney who took the time to try to explain something to you.  So, let me leave by signing my name.  Yours truly, ANONYMOUS.


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