Reservoir Dog

My dog Freddie drinks so much water, he often has to urinate up to three times AN HOUR. Freddie urinates so much, I used to joke we need to build a reservoir behind him, until about 2 weeks ago, when my dad, sick and tired of constantly having to take out an old dog with poor bladder control, came back from the Home Depot with bags of cement, along with other materials, and started to convert our front yard into a reservoir.  Days later, when Dad finally finished his project, he promptly put Freddie in this miniature reservoir, to which Freddie immediately started filling it. As days went by, neither I or my dad had any idea Quentin Tarrentino was living in our neighborhood, until yesterday.  While he walked his dogs past our front yard, Quentin happened to glance over at Freddie taking an extended wee into his own homemade reservoir.  Quentin quickly exclaimed, “Check it out! A Reservoir Dog!”


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