Weekly Challenge 307: Fingers

Only 10 years old, I was “playing” with a blender, when I dropped the middle portion of the blender lid into the running blender.  In a panic, I reached into the blender to pull out the plastic piece.  My left index finger now was hanging on my body by just a small flap of skin.  Dad rushed me to the hostipal to have my finger sown back on, while my mom was returning from the airport with my Aunt Ruth, only to find my blood dripping from the kitchen ceiling.  Aunt Ruth’s new nickname for me from that point on was “Fingers.”


One thought on “Weekly Challenge 307: Fingers

  1. True Story. Sad ending, my Aunt Ruth died last fall at the age of 96, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s for over 16 years. Aunt Ruth, you will be missed.

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