My Death is Patronizing to the Living, and the Living wishes I would go to their hell.

How can I possibly explain what it is like to go to the other side and come back, and not be accused of being patronizing? My life experience is nothing short of an abomination according to every human living, how do I explain the other side without coming across as crazy. I can’t. I’m patronizing, I’m a piece of shit you wipe from the bottom of your shoe, I’m the faceless person executed in cold blood in an islamic horror show posted on YouTube, I’m irrelevant.

Do you know what it feels like to experience the pain of death, only to be rejected from the other side because you have failed to meet your life’s purpose?  Bottom line, you will die, too.  And you can desperately attempt to cling on to your belief systems to ignore the pain of dying, or the reality of what we are.  We have existed since the beginning of time.  Our birth is a fiction, and our death is as simple as walking through the wall of pain necessary to leave this world and go home to the universe we are an intertwined part of .   Republicans will experience the most painful death from our world, hard to leave all of your dear possessions behind that you acquired at the expense of the vast majority of ignorant fools who supported you.  Your going to  die, just like I did, yet you will likely not be fortunate enough to tell you story like I have.   You will just flow to the next plain and suddenly realize how pointless your live was here on Earth really was.


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