The Dark Side of Display Names

This is a post from November 20, 2010, about my experience with Linden Labs Second Life viewer 2.3, that I posted on the Google Groups page for Corona Cay. The experience was so comical, I felt it needed to be reposted here. Enjoy, or cry, which I often do:

Yes. I loaded viewer 2.3, expecting my laptop to explode. And given
this history of Linden Labs, it should have. But it didn’t. In
fact, it worked, ….perfectly. The performance is just like the old
2.whatever version viewer I had before, performance was acceptable, I can function
inworld, all is good. Then I had to activate the Display Names, or,
what I shall now refer to as “The Display Name that Will Plague You
For The Rest Of Your SL Life!!!” Period.

Here is what happened. As a larf, I thought I would make my
Display Name “The Bagger Of Douche.” I thought it was funny, in my
own sad and demented way, BUT!, I didn’t realized it would be ONE
WEEK! before Linden Labs in all it’s infinite GLORY and wisdom would
grant me the OHHHHH SO humble request to change said Display Name.

So for the next week, Danny Dwyer is OFFICALLY the DOUCHEBAG! of
Second Life. Linden Labs has set the rules, and far be it from me to
change them, if I declared myself a douchebag, then Linden Labs is
going to do everything short of dying to make sure said sentence is
carried out. Linden Labs has given you all the golden opportunity to
kick someone, or thing, while he/she/or it is down, repeatedly, and
thoroughly. Enjoy! Throughout Thanksgiving, I cannot release the
shackles until November 27th. And who knows, maybe by then, I’ll be
in World of Warcraft, having my Douchebag ass handed back to me.

Display Names SUCK!
Danny Dwyer

Epiloge: 2.3 was not as smooth as I originally experience. When I upgraded my NVidia Video Driver, it immediately concflicted with the 2.3 viewer. Then, even though my access content rating was set for General, Moderate, and Adult, the viewer behaved as if it was only set for General. I soon found myself being ejected from just about every sim in SL, including my precious home on Corona Cay (set at Moderate). My 2.3 experience overall was nothing short of a disaster. So I ended up using the Phoenix viewer until Linden Labs came out with 2.4, and I was finally able to dump my display name. If anyone else is interested, please, feel free to call yourself the Bagger of Douche, I officially retire from the position.


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